Set Back

by Protest

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released August 28, 2013

Guest vocals performed by Scott Angel
Produced and engineered by Mark McEwen and Brody Simpson at Underground Recording Studios, Perth.
Drums performed by Brody Simpson
Mixed and Mastered by Jeremy Comitas at Stained Glass Studios, NJ



all rights reserved


Protest Perth, Australia


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Track Name: Following
I see through all of this,
not taken for granted, I won't be any part of it,
You’re all followers or something that doesn’t exist,
but not me, I will always protest

Track Name: Lost Reality
You're losing sight,
Of what this is.
Not a fucking contest of who’s best,
Take hold of what’s real and forget,
All the lies you’ve been told,
You are nothing, so start looking back,
Start looking back and regain respect
Regain Respect

You’ve lost your way, do you even recognise
who you used to be,
What have you become, strayed so far
from what’s right that you don’t even know
what’s real.

At the end of the day you’re nothing more than a
slave to your own vanity,
You’ll die selfish and alone unless you find
your way back.

Straight from the bottom of the barrell,
Take what you can get
with your lies and disrespect,
You’ve got no fucking tact,
We'll never cave,
You better watch your back

You've lost your way,
Cancer of the youth,
You distort the fucking truth to get by
We won’t listen to your lies,
We won’t let you fake fools disgrace us,

Your fakery is becoming a theme,
Why can’t you see,
I protest because you’re an enemy,
Hardcore we are divided and few,
I stand against everything that you do,
This means everything to me and nothing to you
In a world without meaning this is a chosen few,
You’re a fucking disgrace,
I’ll put you in your place.
Track Name: Neck Deep
So easily deceived,
Like a fucking scapegoat,
You live and breathe,
Not living your life to succeed,
Push down by others,
You're fucking weak,
But not me, My mind is free,
Nobody Controls Me

I am a wolf in a city of sheep,
My blood runs cold and my hate runs deep,
You walk through life so fucking blindly,
I'll fight back,
They'll never confine me,
I'll put myself above this,
I'll do the best I can,
But at the end of the day, I'll still remain,
To be neck deep,

I'm drowning, It's too late for peace

I'm neck deep,
There's no escape,

Neck Deep
Track Name: No Compromise
In their eyes,
War is peace,
Freedom is slavery,
Inplant ideas that doom us all,
Cut the tongues of the ones who refuse to fall,
Trapped inside a code of silence,
Voices are the knives that kill this virus,
We are the force that breaks the cycle,
We are the counterweight, We are the rival,

We are the rival,
They will take hold of the weak,

There’s no escape,
For the ones that comply,
Only cowards run and hide,
But I would rather fucking die,
Then turn my back on my beliefs,
I won’t give in to control,
I will die on my feet,
I can see, Past the lies, the fucking charade before my eyes,
I stray from the path, With a clear mind,

I will never compromise
Track Name: Set Back
Set Back

Looking forward I can't seem to see,
A future past control and Slavery,
But I refuse to believe,
You all need to wake up and break free,

Don't let the world,
Hold you back,
Have you chosen the right path,
Your decisions are yours alone to choose,
Don't let anyone control you,

I'm at the end of my rope with Society,
This is not the way It's supposed to be,

Don't let the world, Hold you back,
Stay on the right path